Why would you trust a stranger with one of the most important moments in your life?  With Azalea Photography you don't have too!  Our "Azalea Photography Test Drive" make us earn your trust with a free engagement photography session with no strings attached.  Anyone can simply say  why you "should" trust them, but only Azalea Photography has the confidence to show you!

  • 100% hassle-free 1-hour trial engagement photography session
  • Absolutely zero obligation to give us a dime

If for any reason you do not like our work for any reason, you can keep the pictures and we'll find a different photographer to shoot your wedding for you. We are confident that we have the best value Professional Wedding Photography Packages in Chicago. 

Please note that in order to qualify for a test drive, your wedding date must be on a date that we have available.  2017 is filling up quickly, so don't miss your chance!


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