azalea james

Lead Photographer / Owner



  • to do this as much as I want)
  • Football
  • Painting/drawing
  • Playing the Guitar
  • Anything that make me or others smile

My name is Azalea James and I am the lead photographer and the owner of Azalea Photography. 


Growing up in the Chicago Suburbs, my love for art started at an early age.  From the age of 5 I was known as the “artist” by my fellow classmates in school.  Though I was motivated by the compliments given by others, I was ultimately driven by the beauty I tried to recreate with my pencils and paints for every art project I undertook.

When I purchased my first camera, it was only to take “happy snaps” and I had no real aspirations to do anything more with it.  But with every picture I captured, I began to fall in love with light and the amazing perspectives and compositions that my simple point-and-shoot camera could create.  I quickly became hooked and immersed myself into the world of photography.

Likes and Interests?

  • Photography (I know it’s my job, but I take my camera everywhere I go because I love it!)
  • Family and Friends
  • Pausing to recognize how beautiful this life truly is (though I never seem to have enough time and laugh